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JOHANNE’S STYLE: I think my style really depends on my mood. I don’t have a specific style, but it changes a lot from a day to another one. I can be girly but I can be mature too, I also have my lazy days where I will love hanging around with sneakers, etc. To sum up, I’d say the way I dress reflects how I feel.

INSPIRATION: My inspiration mainly comes from Korean fashion and Actually, I used to order a lot on Zipia which is an online shop filled with Korean fashion, and because I am really thin, at first it was hard for me to find how to dress up. But Zipia have models which are just as thin as I am, and somehow, it helped me a lot getting inspired from there.

WHICH NON-FASHION PERSONALITY DO YOU BELIEVE HAS THE BEST STYLE? Well, I never really noticed about celebrities’ style, but I used to like T-Ara Hyomin style a lot before her debuts. (she’s a korean singer).

THE STEPS OF THE DRESSED: Generally, I would first think about what I’m going to put on my body haha, so yes, it would be the top/pants or dress first. Then according to my mood, according to what I have to do that day, I would pick the shoes which suit the situation the best.  Especially, shoes are really important, because I’m the kind of girl who’s not good at wearing heels, so I must carefully think about it for sure haha!

GO-TO COLOR PALETTE: I’m not sure, but I think I have tons of pastel colors in my wardrobe. Recently I’ve been buying a lot of nude and mint clothes.. But honestly, I’d wear anything when it comes to colors, I just don’t like the neon-color-block trend, it hurts my eyes.

FAVORITE SUMMER TRENDS: Sheer blouses! It is perfect with a pair of shorts, just simple and comfy. And cut-out dresses!

SUMMER LOVIN: I went to Paris a few days ago to visit a friend. I can’t stop loving this city, I feel so free whenever I go there! I’m also planning to do some photo shoots because it’s been a while since I’ve touched my camera.I’ll be wearing really light clothing because I can’t stand the hot weather very well. So as I said, sheer blouses/dresses/skirts.. are perfect. And on my playlist, I’ll be listening to mainly the last K-Pop hits from this year. (Yes, big Korean culture influence here!)


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